Special Applications

Rusty’s Weigh offers several special applications and solutions to promote efficiency in your weighing process. We offer customized solutions for a wide range of applications from livestock to vehicle weighing. Please contact us and let us provide a solution for your specific application!

rustys weigh

Truck Scales

truck scale

We are the area’s largest sales and service provider for ¬†vehicle weighing. We offer a variety of models and styles from METTLER TOLEDO. We choose METTLER TOLEDO for their engineered designs and true “duty” cycle testing. METTLER TOLEDO truck scales outshine all others in durability, reliability, accuracy and cost of ownership.

Vehicle Scales: Proven Weighbridge Designs

Crane Load Testing

crane load testing

Load testing and inspection of cranes is required by many safety regulations, national consensus standards and manufacturers. We provide all service, calibration and certification for these requirements to keep you in compliance with all regulatory components.

Batch Controls

batch control scales

From basic to complete automation packages, we are able to develop custom batch control systems for inventory control and customer databases.

Cotton Gins

cotton gin

Propel your gin into the future with the highest levels of accuracy, tracking and reporting of production. Our bale and seed scale systems have easy to use, touch screen displays and the most data available on the market. Why a seed scale? A seed scale will tell you the quantity of seeds produced. Pay off of real data- not averages.

Rail Scales

rail scale

Whether in-motion or static, we have the rail scale for you. We provide a variety of options when it comes to your rail scale weighing. Have a scale with outdated technology? We can update that for you too.

Scale Houses

scale house

Need a location to store your scale equipment that is not on the scale? We’ve got you covered. We build scale houses to meet the needs of your location.

Cattle Scales

cattle scale

We now offer NTEP approved cattle scales using METTLER TOLEDO PDX Weigh Systems technology. These scales are tough enough to weigh a truck and accurate enough to weigh your livestock. They can be configured several different ways to fit your needs with a range of sizes and options for installation.

Fixed or portable configurations available
Deck Material
Concrete or rubber decks available
6′-12′ wide and 12′-36′ long
12,000- 30,000 lbs